Saturday 17th February 2018

WATCH: A holiday apartment on the Gold Coast just went through a major improvement with the addition of secondary double glazing! No more annoying traffic sounds from the Gold Coast Highway.

acoustic insulation

Burleigh on the Beach is a great holiday apartment block located in between the beautiful Gold Coast beaches on the one side. And the Gold Coast Highway on the other. While the location is almost perfect, the sounds of the traffic on the highway was a little less than idyllic. The solution? Secondary double glazing from Winsulation Double Glazing!

Secondary Double Glazing is a method of soundproofing and insulating your home without having to replace your existing windows. Easily the most cost effective noise solution for the majority of situations, it’s fast, simple, and typically requires no changes to the existing window or window dressings.

Here is what Burleigh on the Beach had to say about Winsulation:

“Very pleased with my new double glazed patio, guys so pleasant… Cleaned my windows which was a bonus… Noise has made a pleasant difference. Would recommend this company. ”

Secondary double glazing is one of Winsulation’s most popular products and is easy to fit and install. Read more about secondary double glazing here.