Winsulation has recently stepped up our efforts at reducing our carbon footprint, increasing our energy efficiency and creating a more sustainable manufacturing process.

Keeping in line with the energy efficient and sustainable nature of double glazing as a product, we have upped our game in terms of the sustainability of our manufacturing process, too.

We are vigilant in recycling everything we can. Rather than sending the  metal and wooden frames of old windows and doors that we replace to landfill, we recycle these. We send huge containers of scrap metal to Recyclers Australia, a professional Australian scrap metal removal service. Recycled metals such as iron, copper, zinc, aluminium and lead are used in both local and international manufacturing and construction markets. Recycled scrap metals have many benefits. These include using less energy, a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, less reliance on raw materials and using less water. Plus, recycled steel is just as strong as new steel!

We have now added two more ways to increase our efforts at sustainability; transitioning from bottled water to plumbed in filtered water and installing solar panels on the roof of our warehouse.

We’ve installed solar panels

Winsulation has just completed the installation of a 33.11kw solar system from Gem Solar. This means we can run the factory in a more sustainable and cost effective manner. In addition, the technology allows us to check how much energy is being generated by the system. Secondly, how much power the factory is using. And thirdly, how much energy is going back into the grid. This will allow us to understand our energy usage peaks and work out ways to become even more energy efficient. Similarly, solar energy has a number of long-term benefits including a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and the demand for fossil fuels.

We’ve ditched the plastic

Winsulation has committed to reducing carbon footprint by saying goodbye to plastic bottled water coolers. We’ve installed a filtered water unit instead. Call a Cooler was our supplier of choice, a company committed to reducing the number of plastic bottles that are sent to Australian landfills. The unit is plumbed and refilled from our existing water supply. This provides a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to access clean, filtered water.

Winsulation aims to keep building on our efforts at energy efficiency – watch this space!


Winsulation reducing carbon footprint by recycling scrap metal
Sending scrap metal at our factory to Recyclers Australia
Winsulation reducing carbon footprint with solar panels
New solar panels installed on the factory roof in Northgate
Winsulation reducing carbon footprint with plumbed filter
Our new plumbed in water filtration system to replace the plastic bottles on the right