Clearshield security screensIf you’re looking to add a security screen to your home’s windows or doors – look no further. Not only can Winsulation provide you with your new windows – but we can also add extra security measures with ClearShield security screens.

The Clearshield product range includes security screens, security doors and exit screens that offer the highest security while still allowing for maximum visibility – with a contemporary, modern look.

What sets Clearshield products aside is the fact that they are made from a single perforated stainless steel sheet that is locked into an aluminium frame. This allows for a smooth, flat screen with no added bars or grills, rivets or screws.

The screens provide a 2-in-1 function; the tiny 2mm holes provide security from intruders while at the same time removing the need for insect screens. The manufacturing of Clearshield security screens out of a single stainless steel sheet makes them easy to clean – just wipe down with a soft cloth. They also offer a more modern aesthetic appeal.

Clearshield security screens

Just like Winsulation’s products, all Clearshield products are measured and custom made to order – this ensures that the product will fit perfectly into your home.

ClearShield products are available in a wide range of powdercoated colours – both traditional and contemporary – that can be matched to suit your home’s décor. They also come in a fixed, hinged or sliding combination to suit your current/new windows and doors.

ClearShield security screens have been extensively tested beyond the requirements of the Australian Standards and have achieved outstanding results.

ClearShield Home Security sliding doors, security doors, security screens and emergency exit screens have been tested to the following Australian Standards:

Knife Shear Test (AS5039 – 2008)
Impact Test (AS5039 – 2008)
Anti-Jemmy Test (AS5039 – 2008)
Bushfire Standard (AS3959 – 2009)
U Value, Solar Heat Gain Co-efficiency and Visible Light Transmission testing

For more information give us a call on (07) 3356 5133 or visit the ClearShield website.