Double Glazing for Wine Cellars

Many homeowners are starting to add personal wine cellars to store their wine collection. A glass cellar to display your wine collection can create a stunning visual feature in any home. However, glass is one of the worst materials for retaining temperature.

This can be fixed by using double glazed panels on your wine cellar. Double glazing provides the essential insulation properties and will maintain the cool, steady temperature required to correctly cellar wine. Double glazed panels will also stop messy and unsightly external condensation build up. This is especially relevant here in Queensland with our hot and humid weather.

Double glazing your wine cellar allows for proper insulation with a view to show off your collection. Double glazed panels can also help to turn the cellar into a visual art piece in the home. Furthermore, making sure that your wine cellar is kept humidity free will ensure that wine does not age prematurely.  And, just like a swimming pool or home theatre can add value to your home, so can a quality temperature-controlled cellar.

Winsulation Double Glazing has been working with builders, architects and designers such as Brisbane Wine Cellars to provide customised double glazed panels. If you’re thinking about building a wine cellar, read our interview with Craig from Brisbane Wine Cellars. We talk more about the design, manufacture and costs of building your own cellar.

Winsulation also designs and manufactures a small, cupboard-sized insulated wine storage unit using double glazed panels. This is perfect for anyone looking for a small, compact space to house a few bottles of their best.

If you’re looking to build a wine cellar in your home, get in touch with us today!

Image credit: Homes by CMA

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