Double glazing keeping homes warm in winterWe’ll say it again … insulation is the best (and most sustainable) way to keep homes warm in winter.

Australian homes have been referred to as nothing but “glorified tents”. They expose us to really hot or really cold temperatures throughout the year. A study in the medical journal The Lancet in 2015 found that exposure to cold temperatures contributes to 6.5 percent of deaths in Australia. However, in Sweden it accounts for only 3.9 percent.

And a 2014 CSR survey conducted with over 120 immigrants from North America and Europe showed interesting results. An amazing 75% of respondents originally from cold, snowy climates said that their Australian homes were actually colder in winter.

Houses that are poorly insulated are uncomfortable and unsafe to live in. Furthermore, they bear the brunt of high energy bills to keep the inside temperature bearable in both summer and winter.

In winter heat is lost through ceilings, windows, floors, and walls. This lack of insulation causes homeowners to resort to additional means of heating which is unsustainable with rising energy bills.

How to keep homes warm in winter

But there are simple solutions that can increase thermal comfort. Insulating ceilings, walls and windows can make a drastic difference to the temperature inside your home. Plus, draught sealing and swapping lighting for energy efficient bulbs can help even further.

Double glazing can increase thermal resistance by up to 94%. This means less reliance on heaters to maintain a level of comfort within your home. Together with the added benefit of reducing your energy costs, you are also contributing to a more sustainable environment. Double glazing is supported by a host of environmental, technical, and economic credentials.

Double glazing your windows is a key part of cost effective thermal insulation for your home this winter.