a double glazed systemYou may have heard the term, but you’ve probably been thinking, “what is double glazing”?

And, what difference can a double glazed system make to my home?

Well, we’re here to help! Double glazing refers to a system of insulation whereby two panes of glass are fitted within a window sash, with an air gap in the middle. The extra piece of glass and the air pocket work together to create an insulation break between the inside and outside of the window. Normal windows contain just one pane of glass within the window sash.

This system is designed specifically to insulate your home against outside temperatures – both hot and cold. The system also protects the inside of your home against outside noise including traffic noise, building work, barking dogs and loud neighbours. Did you know that windows are one of the most important sources of heat loss and gain from an insulated building. With the hot summer temperatures in Queensland, double glazing is a great solution to keeping the heat outside your home. Double glazing can make your home up to 40% cooler in summer and can reduce outside noise by up to 60%.

How does a double glazed system work?

By using two (double glazed) panes of glass, the air gap in between the panes reduces the transmission of heat and sound. The sealed gap of air between the two panes of glass acts as an additional layer of insulation. The greater the width of the air gap, the better the insulation. That means cooler temperatures inside your home during the summer months – as the air gap and extra pane of glass reduce the heat from penetrating through the windows.

It also means warmer temperatures inside your home during winter – as the system prevents heat from leaving the inside of your nicely-warmed rooms.

By installing double glazing you will also spend less on energy needed to heat and cool your home such as fans, air conditioners and heaters. This keeps your home (and the contents of your wallet) more sustainable.

For many people, double glazing is also the solution to stop outside noise (cars, barking dogs, loud neighbours and even loud animals) from penetrating the inside of your house. This makes for a more pleasant and comfortable home environment.

What is secondary glazing?

Secondary double glazing is a method of soundproofing and insulating your home without having to replace your existing windows. A second panel is simply fitted to your existing windows. This is the most cost effective noise and temperature solution: it is fast, simple and easy to install.

How does double glazing make a difference in Queensland?

Double glazing can help in two important ways. Firstly, it can keep the inside of your home up to 40% cooler during the hot and humid Queensland summer. This means less reliance on your air conditioning unit which can dramatically reduce your energy bills, and save you money in the long run. Secondly, double glazed windows and doors also have excellent noise reduction qualities. They can keep the nuisance of dealing with barking dogs, road traffic, building work and loud neighbours to a minimum.

The benefits of double glazing

According to the Glass and Glazing Association of Australia (AGGA) the benefits of energy-efficient glass in windows are the following:
> An energy-efficient building envelope
> Greater design freedom
> Greatly reduced greenhouse gas emissions
> Reduced reliance on orientation
> Enhanced thermal comfort up to 5˚C
> Warmer in winter and 10˚C cooler in summer
> Improved security
> A substantial reduction in condensation with the installation of double glazing
> Improved acoustic performance
> Reduced energy costs to heat and cool – a saving of approximately 40% to heat and cool the building
> Reduced fading of furniture and fittings
> A better environment for the future

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