When it comes to modern window treatments, double glazed internal blind systems are a game-changer, especially when considering maintenance, durability, and thermal efficiency in your home or office. The innovative design of having Venetian, roller, or pleated blinds encapsulated between two panes of glass brings several unseen advantages that combine practicality with style.

A standout benefit of these systems is the remarkably low maintenance required. Since the blinds are enclosed within glass, they are shielded from the common culprits of wear and tear such as dust, dirt, and direct contact. This not only ensures that they remain pristine over time but also eliminates the frequent cleaning necessary with traditional blinds. Homeowners and office managers can enjoy the beauty and function of their blinds without the hassle of regular upkeep.

1. Safety and durability are also major advantages. The absence of external cords or strings makes these blinds a safer option in homes with young children and pets, addressing a significant concern with traditional blinds. Moreover, the internal mechanism shields the blinds from external elements, significantly reducing the risk of damage. This results in a longer lifespan, ensuring that the blinds remain functional and attractive for years to come.

2. The energy-saving aspect of double glazing is a significant benefit, especially in a wine cellar where temperature and humidity control systems are constantly in use. By reducing the amount of heat transfer, double glazing minimises the need for excessive cooling or heating, leading to lower energy bills and a more sustainable wine storage solution.

3. While these features are impressive on their own, the energy efficiency aspect of double glazing cannot be overlooked. These blind systems offer excellent thermal insulation, helping to regulate indoor temperatures and reduce energy costs. Combined with noise-reducing properties of double glazing, this makes these systems an aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective choice for your space.

For those considering an upgrade to their home or office windows, double glazed internal blind systems, like Winsulation’s Winternal™ blind systems, offer an ideal blend of low maintenance, safety, durability, and energy efficiency. Available in 31 different colours, and in Venetian, roller, or pleated blind models, Winsulation has a solution for your next project.


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