On Systematically Soundproofing

soundproofing graphReduce traffic noise to a whisper by soundproofing with double glazed windows and doors, which are suitable to achieve a noise reduction of up to 40dB.

Most homes are fitted with 3mm clear glass in either timber or standard aluminium frames. But by using our windows and doors, which are specifically designed to accept a double glazed unit, you will not only enjoy the benefits of having maintenance free stylish windows but also enjoy the peace and quiet afforded by double glazing systems.

As a guide, to apply some technical data, 3mm clear glass will give an RW rating of 24 while there are various types of double glazed soundproofing that can be applied to achieve a maximum RW rating of 43.

The Weighted Sound Reduction Index (RW) is a measure for sound insulation performance of a single building element such as windows. The higher the RW rating, the better the sound insulation.

Insulated Glass Units –(Double Glazing) Weighted sound reduction index

Glass Dimensions RW
3mm x 6mm x 3mm 28  (typical window)
5mm x 12mm x 4mm 32
6mm x 12mm x 4mm 33
6mm x 16mm x 4mm 36
10mm x 12mm x 4mm 37
10mm x 20mm x 4mm 38
6.38mm x 10mm x 10.38mm 41
6.76mm x 10mm x 10.38mm 42
6.38mm x 10mm x 10.76mm 42
6.76mm x 10mm x 10.76mm 43
6.76mm x 12mm x 6.76mm 42
7.52mm x 12mm x 7.52mm 44
6.38mm x 12mm x 10.38mm 41
10.76mm x 12mm x 5mm 41
12.38mm x 20mm x 12mm 43
5mm x 12mm x 6.76mm 39


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