Secondary glazing can reduce noise by up to *80%. If you’ve contacted Winsulation because your home is being invaded by unwanted noise, you’ve come to the right place!

secondary double glazing
Fitting custom made secondary glazed windows and doors can achieve a noise reduction of up to *80% and give you back your peace and quiet.

The technical measure used to rate acoustic effectiveness is called the Weighted Sound Reduction Index, otherwise known as an RW Rating. For every 1 point increase in the RW, a reduction of approximately 1dB in noise level will be achieved. Therefore, the higher the RW number, the better the sound insulation.

The quality of insulation in your walls and ceiling, the materials used in constructing your walls, floor, ceiling and roof, as well as the construction methods used will all have an impact. Unfortunately, without invasive testing these factors cannot be evaluated properly.

Most homes are fitted with 3mm clear glass in either timber or standard aluminium frames, which will typically give an RW23. Based on the results of independent acoustic testing, our secondary double glazed windows and doors have been able to achieve ratings of up to RW44. So, secondary glazing can substantially reduce noise transmission through your windows and doors.

Windows and doors are the weakest point in terms of allowing unwanted noise to enter your home – not to mention allowing heat in during summer and out during winter. While Winsulation is confident about the performance of our secondary double glazing product and have the independent testing to back this up, other factors can have an impact on the amount of unwanted noise entering a room. Any opening through which air can enter your home is a culprit – cracks in walls, cracks around windows and doors, or through the roof and ceiling. The acoustic rule of thumb is that a mere 1% gap will allow transmission of 50% of the noise.

As we are installing secondary glazing against your existing windows and doors, the age of and quality of these must be taken into consideration.

secondary double glazingIn the majority of cases, installing secondary glazing significantly reduces the unwanted noise transmission into your home. We have thousands of happy customers who are now enjoying a peaceful home environment. In the rare case where unwanted noise is finding other ways to enter your home, usually because of poorly insulated walls and ceilings, your consultant may be able to suggest further ways in which to address these issues.

*We cannot offer a guarantee of an 80% sound reduction.


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