Why use uPVC double glazed windows and doors?

‘Unplasticised Polyvinylchloride’ (uPVC) is used extensively in the building industry worldwide. Yet it has only recently begun to gain traction in the Australian market. uPVC is a highly resilient material that is energy efficient, non-corrosive, durable, weatherproof, and inured against UV radiation. Meaning that windows and doors that have uPVC frames will likely outlast the house they’re installed into.

uPVC requires little  maintenance and no painting or treatment. These qualities make uPVC an ideal material for windows and doors.

uPVC is also a recyclable material with a life span of 40 – 80 years. It can be recycled into commercial floor tiles, pipes and fittings, plumbing pipes, roadside guideposts, and other applications.


Our uPVC double glazed windows and doors have two or three weather seals and, depending on design, these seals protect each opening. This allows the windows and doors to remain completely draught and waterproof even under the most severe weather conditions.


Up to 10 different locking points can be added to our windows and doors. When used in conjunction with toughened safety or laminated glass, this can make it virtually impossible for intruders to gain entry.


uPVC double glazed windows and doors