Winsulation Double Glazing can customise our products and services to suit each client’s individual needs. We work with homeowners, architects and builders to ensure functional and aesthetic needs are achieved.

Soundproofing for Music Studios

Winsulation can help to soundproof your music studio with our double glazing systems. We can design and fit new IGUs or we can retrofit secondary double glazing to your existing studio windows and doors. Double glazing features a specialised frame with an air gap between two panes of glass. The extra glass thickness and the air pocket work together to soundproof the room.


Double Glazing for Wine Cellars

Many homeowners are starting to add personal wine cellars in their home to store their wine collection. Making sure that your wine cellar is kept humidity free at the right temperature, without fluctuations, will ensure that wine does not age prematurely. Double glazing for wine cellars can help to keep the right temperature and seal against humidity.

Innovative Glazing Designs

Winsulation Double Glazing works with homeowners, architects and builders to ensure that each client’s vision is achieved. We can design innovative glazing units that are customised to each home or apartment’s individual structure and design.