Process of installing double glazed windowsAt Winsulation, the process of installing double glazed windows and doors is simple and easy.

Double glazing is a relatively new industry in Australia, and as such, many people think that the process of installing double glazed windows and doors is confusing and difficult. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Installing a double glazed unit – whether into a new building such as an off-plan home, apartment, or an existing home – is as simple and easy as installing any new windows. We’ll take you through the process below to explain in more detail.

The process of installing double glazed units

1. A consultant visits the client’s home for an initial assessment and quotation.

Once you have indicated that you are interested in double glazing for your home (and why wouldn’t you with all the benefits of double glazing), we send a consultant to your home. This is a free, no obligation service. The consultant listens to the reasons why you may require double glazing. The most common reason for requesting double glazing is to stop noise – whether traffic noise, street noise or dealing with barking dogs.

Double glazing also helps with thermal insulation and can significantly reduce your energy costs.

The consultant will then provide an initial assessment and quote based on your individual needs.

2. The client accepts the quote.

Once you have heard about the huge difference double glazing can make to your home or office, there’s little reason why you wouldn’t want your new windows and doors installed straight away! And we can make that happen. Once you accept the quote, you pay a deposit and we begin the manufacturing process.

3. We provide an additional check measure. 

We all know the hazards of human error. One crooked wall or slightly skew window opening can mean mass-produced windows do not fit into your individual home. Winsulation will always send out a secondary consultant to do a check measure. This ensures that any variations in the areas where we are installing double glazing are checked and measured.

Colour combinations, glass type and frame will all be confirmed. We offer both uPVC and thermally broken aluminium frames. Any extras will also be confirmed. Your custom-made windows are nearly on their way.

4. We begin production and manufacturing.

Winsulation prides itself in fabricating all units within our factory at Kelvin Grove, Brisbane. Once we receive the final go-ahead, the frames will be manufactured and the glass ordered from a local supplier. Timelines for this process are job dependant, ranging from a few weeks to slightly longer for bigger jobs.

5. We confirm the installation date. 

Once your new double glazed units are ready, we will confirm the best time to come and install your new windows and/or doors.

6. A team comes to install.

And finally, our team will install the custom-made double glazed units into your home. Soon you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of double glazing.

And that’s it. Installing double glazed windows is a simple and easy way to turn your house into a more comfortable, liveable home environment. View this gallery of our installation process for more information.