Winsulation recently delivered a CPD presentation entitled, ‘The Principles of Double Glazing’. The course, presented by our director Shaun Scott, explained the principles of double glazing, and how it can achieve thermal and energy efficiency while at the same time reducing the harmful effects of environmental noise. Property owners are looking to create homes that are adaptable, sustainable and resilient. A comfortable home that uses less energy and can deal with environmental impacts is becoming the choice of many. While double glazing is most commonly associated with colder climates, the system is an important tool in the creation of energy efficient houses. The presentation included explanations of widely used terminology in the glazing industry. It also provided participants with technical explanations of thermal break and uPVC technology. Architects were able to claim 1 formal CPD point for the presentation. The learning outcomes included an understanding of  the principles of double glazing and secondary glazing; an understanding of thermal break and uPVC technology and how this is applied in double glazing; and lastly, being able to understand and recognise relevant terminology (U-value, RW Rating, SHGC) that is used in the glazing industry. If you are interested in this CPD presentation and would like us to deliver this at your company or organisation, please get in touch with us on (07) 3356 5133