Winsulation is thinking outside the box when it comes to innovative uses for double glazing.

innovative uses for double glazing

Earlier this month our director Shaun spoke to a group of architects in Brisbane. He shared how Winsulation is customising our double glazing products in new applications.

On Tuesday 11 June, Shaun Scott, the director of Winsulation Double Glazing presented “Alternative Applications for Double Glazing” to the Architects Small Group Practise. The group meets twice a month in central Brisbane. They discuss architecture and general practice topics with special emphasis and application to issues affecting sole and small architectural practices.

Alternative applications for double glazing

Double glazing isn’t just relegated to traditional window and door specifications. In the presentation, Shaun discussed the ways in which Winsulation is customising our double glazed products to applications such as wine cellars and music studios.

A glass cellar to display your wine collection can create a stunning feature in any home. Utilising double glazed panels is essential to maintain the cool, steady temperature required to correctly cellar wine. Making sure that your wine cellar is kept humidity free at the right temperature, without fluctuations, will ensure that wine does not age prematurely. Double glazing also stops messy and unsightly external condensation build up.

Double glazing is also the perfect way to soundproof a music studio, while maintaining natural light.

Winsulation has also introduced a new-to-market innovation to a number of architectural projects in Brisbane. Double-glazed frameless corner units maximise the view and aesthetics while meeting both thermal and acoustic requirements. The removal of big, unsightly frames adds a modern, clean look. 

These innovative uses for double glazing keep Winsulation ahead of the game. They also cement our name as the experts in double glazing.