Keeping-glass-doors-clean-Clear-Edge-GlassIf you’ve opted for a glass set of exterior sliding doors, you’ll definitely know the struggle to keep them clean is real!

The good news is that a proper polished clean isn’t as hard as you might anticipate. We’ll help you master the technique without breaking the bank (or scratching your glass)!

The solution

Whether you’re looking to clean up the inside or outside surface of your glass doors or windows, you won’t need any pricey polishes. A generic, mild household detergent should do the trick! Mix with water and ensure that you aren’t applying copious amounts of bubbles to your glass surface.

For really tough stains you can invest in a splash of vinegar. White vinegar works best to tackle tougher stains. Be careful not to let any drip onto the door’s tracks, as the liquid can seep into and compromise your sliding door’s lubrication.

Any marks left on the glass after a vinegar wash are generally etched onto the glass, and won’t be possible to wipe away.

The tools

You’ll want to avoid anything that scratches and anything that holds too much liquid when selecting your weapon (or glass wipe) of choice. It should go without saying that you won’t be using abrasive sponges or razor blades.

You’ll still need a sponge, but we advise paying careful attention to the texture of each side (usually blue sponges are the softer ones). Invest in a few squeegees and microfibre cloths. These are about to become the new best friends of your sliding glass door system.

The technique

Start with a spray of your solution over the surface of your glass sliding door system. Then give it a moment to sit and break down the layer of dirt buildup on the glass. Next, go in with your soft sponge, wiping in ‘S’ motions. Before you know it, you’ll see that dirt layer moving; taking all those finger prints, sea salt spray and bug matter with it!

Squeegee away the remaining moisture. Then equip the microfibre cloth for a final buffing. Your glass doors should be left as glossy as the day you got them!

Until the next time they need a serious clean, you can stick with the odd wipe here and there with your handy microfibre cloth.

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