How to clean windows properlyEver wondered how to clean windows properly so that they are sparkling and smudge-free? With summer rains stirring up dust and dirt, it can be so easy for windows to turn from clean to dirty in an instant.

We’ve rounded up some clever, environmentally friendly cleaning tips to make sure you enjoy beautiful, smudge-free views from your windows this summer season.

1. Stay earth-friendly and make your own cleaning solution. Use a mixture of water – distilled is best as there is no mineral residue, lemon juice and vinegar. Add one part vinegar (white vinegar ) to four parts water, and the juice of one lemon. Make sure to remove all pips and pulp from the lemon juice by using a sieve.

2. Grab your cleaning supplies: a spray bottle, a soft chammy or even better – some old newspapers. These make the best cleaning materials. Use an old glass bottle with a spray attachment added as another way to go green.

3. If using old newspapers make sure you wear gloves as the newspaper ink can and does stain your fingers.

4. Make sure to cover your window frames and sills to protect them from the cleaning solution and newspaper runoff. The last thing you want is clean windows and dirty, stained window frames!

5. Once you have sprayed your cleaning solution onto the windows, crumple your newspaper into a ball and use circular motions to wipe the window clean. Make sure that all those streaks are gone by cleaning in one direction inside the windows, and the opposite direction on the outside. You’ll easily see any streaks left behind.

And that’s how to clean windows properly to ensure a sparkle that will last for weeks. And remember, the more you clean your windows, the less of a hassle it becomes. Residue, dust and dirt will have less time to accumulate and the job will be a whole lot easier.


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