“How effective is double glazing?” is a question we are often asked. Hear the answer first hand from our happy customers!

How effective is double glazing

For over 20 years, Winsulation Double Glazing has provided acoustic and thermal solutions with double glazed windows and doors. As a family-owned business, we specialise in customised double glazing that can help to reduce noise, increase soundproofing and lower your energy costs. We help you to create a comfortable home, all year round! All our products are customised to meet the specific needs of the client, whether that be traffic noise, loud neighbours, too much sun (or not enough sun) and a more comfortable home environment.

Single glazed windows vs double glazed windows

While single glazed windows do cost less than their double glazed counterparts, there are many disadvantages. First and foremost, single glazed windows consist of just one window pane. This makes them far less efficient in insulating against heat, cold and noise. This is equally important in both hot and cold climates, where thermal issues can cause discomfort inside your home. Double glazing uses two panes of glass and an air gap – this significantly increase the insulation properties of your windows, making it far easier to maintain a comfortable inside temperature.

Secondly, by having increase insulation, you will reduce the need for artificial cooling or heating via air conditioners or heaters. This in turn saves you money on your energy bills.

Benefits of double glazed windows

There are additional benefits to double glazing, too. These include increased home security with the addition of more robust aluminium or uPVC frames. Plus, a reduction in damage to furniture because of the limited UV rays entering a room through double glazed windows.

But don’t take our word for it! To find the answer to, “how effective is double glazing?”, read some reviews below from happy Winsulation customers: (Read more reviews here)

We were at our wits end because of noisy neighbours and were ready to sell, but the new windows and doors from Winsulation reduce the noise by 70 to 80% and we love living in our house again. Don’t hold off…” – Colin, Gold Coast. 

I thought that they did an excellent job, the windows are so much better and have made such a big difference with dimming the noise of traffic on the freeway and also the rooms feel warmer.” – Carol, Tweed Heads West

Fortitude Valley can be a noisy place, especially at night. The double glazing does a good job of keeping most of that noise outside.– Chris, Brisbane

On top of having our business premises along a very noisy road, the heat would penetrate through some of the windows all afternoon. Since Winsulation custom-made and fitted a second layer of glass along two walls with large windows, a much more peaceful atmosphere is present with a wholesome quietness and a comfortable temperature…” – Dietrich, Brisbane

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