Customer reviews on Winsulation Winsulation has received some great customer reviews in recent weeks which shows that double glazing is providing a solution to their noise or thermal issues.

It’s great to know that customers are enjoying our double glazing and secondary glazing products. The customer reviews below show that our clients are finding a solution to issues such as street noise, neighbourhood noise and heat control through the use of double glazing!

“WOW. It has changed my life.”

“Winsulation recently double glazed my entire unit. It faces the West, is close to the other units in the complex, so close I can hear them cough. Also a lot of traffic in my street, add barking dogs to the equation and I have been nearly ripping my hair out. It is a beautiful unit, so was hesitant to sell and move. I have not been settled for 5 years, have driven real estate agents insane…My nervous system has taken a beating. Well thank goodness I haven’t sold, as all my concerns have been put to rest with this product, WOW. It has changed my life. Peace at last. I cannot get over the change.

The professional finish is also outstanding, Thank you Ray, you have done an amazing job. I can’t believe that I have gone through hell for so long and the solution was always there. Thank you to your company, I think you have extended my life span, no more stress. I think it is time Australia started installing this into new homes, as we all live on top of each other today.”
Customer reviews on Winsulation Double Glazing

“Very good product.”

Customer reviews on Winsulation Double Glazing

“Happy with product so far”

Happy with product so far. Installer was very efficient. Person who provided the quotation was very good. He could have explained some items a little better but was a good person…I think the price for what we got was fair.”

“Amazed at the level of noise reduction”

“We bought an apartment in Clontarf on a busy road.  As you do when you are purchasing (during the day) it seemed like the windows did have enough sound -proofing that the traffic would not be a problem.  We used the apartment infrequently and found ourselves awake late at night and early in the morning due to the traffic noise.  We got the secondary double glazing fitted and to be honest were not optimistic that it would make any impact on the level of noise -we were experiencing.  I thought that it was possible that it was a waste of money – even at the 60% reduction in noise suggested by the brochure.  We were both amazed at the level of noise reduction we have and would suggest it is closer to 80 or 90%.  It is fantastic.

“Exceptional service and professionalism.”

Customer reviews on Winsulation Double Glazing

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