Energy Efficiency Ratings QueenslandDid you know that the minimum energy efficiency rating for new houses and townhouses in Queensland is 6 stars. This also applies to additions, alterations to your existing home. What does that mean and how can it be achieved?

When we speak about energy efficiency, we refer to the idea of using less energy while providing the same outcomes. Houses that are more energy efficient reduce the need for other means of cooling homes in the hot Queensland weather – such as air conditioners and fans. This in turn reduces our reliance on electricity outputs while also benefitting the environment by lowering greenhouse gas emissions in the state.

The star rating (out of 10) applies to the shell of the building – i.e the roof, walls, windows and flooring – all of which play a vital role in the overall comfort and energy efficiency of the house. The rating does not include air conditioners, hot water systems, lighting, fans, fridges or any other fixed appliances that are found in the home.

The code does not apply to industrial, public or commercial buildings.

The benefits of a 6-star house

– A more comfortable living environment
– Saving money on electricity bills
– Eliminate the need for air conditioners and fans to cool the home

The features of a 6-star house

The following energy efficient features can be included in the design of a new home

– Northern orientation of living areas and good layout of rooms
– Minimising the area of east and west facing walls and windows
– Wider eaves and window awnings for shading
Well-placed and designed windows to capture breezes for ‘natural ventilation’
– Insulation under roofs and in walls
– Roof ventilation with roof and eave vents
– Light coloured roof and walls
Glazing, particularly for western facing windows