Double glazing in kitchens and bathroomsIf you’re thinking about renovating, consider installing double glazing in kitchens and bathrooms – the most important areas of a home!

The kitchen has long been called the heart of the home and a substantial amount of time is spent here every day. Modern kitchens have become more than just a place to cook, they have become an integral living space for entertaining, conversation and even school homework! So it makes sense to ensure that the area where your family spends a lot of time is comfortable and liveable. There’s nothing worse than a kitchen that is freezing in winter and overly hot during the sweltering Queensland summer. So, how to go about putting double glazing in kitchens and bathrooms.

Firstly, double glazing is a system of insulation comprising two panes of glass, an air gap in the middle and a specialised frame. The frame, extra glass and air pocket work together to create an insulating layer between the inside and outside of the window or door. Standard windows with an ordinary frame and one pane of glass account for a whopping 87% of the heat gained during summer, and up to 49% of the heat lost during winter in an average home.

By installing double glazing in your kitchen, you can ensure that the heart of your home is kept a comfortable and liveable space, unaffected by outside temperatures hot or cold.

Double glazed windows in the bathroom

During the colder winter months (even in Queensland), we start to feel the cooler weather more, especially in homes that are not well insulated. Climbing out of a hot bath or shower only to be greeted by a freezing bathroom environment is no fun at all. And that’s where double glazing in bathrooms can help. Double glazed windows can keep the temperature of this important room comfortable during the colder winter months. Not only that, double glazed windows in the bathroom can also help to reduce two common evils that often lurk in a home: condensation and mould build-up.

Double glazing can reduce condensation and mould build-up

Damp and condensation issues that could be lurking in your home are made all the more evident during the cooler winter months. Condensation is caused when a cold surface and moist air meet. Condensation on glass windows and doors can cause a number of problems such as peeling wallpaper, damp patches, damage to walls and timber frames, and a build-up of moisture on your windows. Left untreated, this can create mould growth which is potentially harmful and can lead to some serious health issues.

Double glazing in kitchens and bathrooms can significantly reduce condensation and mould build-up by ensuring that the inside glass is kept at room temperature.

Even more reasons to double glaze

Double glazed windows and doors can keep homes 40% cooler in summer, 32% warmer in winter and increase thermal resistance by up to 94%. Not only keeping you comfortable, but saving money on your heating and cooling bills and therefore reducing your energy costs. They are custom made with uPVC or specialised thermally broken aluminium frames that are non-corrosive, low maintenance and environmentally friendly.

So if you’re considering installing double glazing in kitchens and bathrooms, you’re making a great choice. These double glazed units will keep the most cherished part of your home at optimum conditions for comfort and liveability.