Winsulation Double Glazing is a trusted name in double glazed windows and doors. For over 20 years, we have been creating double glazed systems for noise, soundproofing, and energy solutions throughout Queensland. Our customer reviews highlight the difference that double glazing has made to the comfort and livability of so many Australian homes and businesses.

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Customer review of Winsulation Double Glazing
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“The secondary glazing system is truly fantastic in that it has solved the annoying noise problems caused by heavy traffic around my townhouse. Since the day I had it installed, my family and I finally have been able to sleep soundly at night.”
– Erica Chang, Eight Mile Plains

“The effect on the noise outside is amazing. It is so quiet and peaceful. We are no longer annoyed by the ‘white noise’ outside that has been a background noise for the 10 years that we have lived here in George Street.”
 Roslyn Wallace, Brisbane

“It’s been a pleasure dealing with Winsulation from beginning to end. It was a seamless process made easier by Warren who dealt with everything from quoting, ordering to booking. We were at our wits end because of noisy neighbours and were ready to sell, but the new windows and doors from Winsulation reduce the noise by 70 to 80% and we love living in our house again. Don’t hold off. I’d definitely use Winsulation again in the future and recommend them to anyone.”
–Colin, Gold Coast