Grace on Main is a unique Brisbane property that features over 43 custom-made double glazed windows and doors.

Grace on Main Winsulation

Grace on Main is a modern, sleek new home that is split over four levels, located high on a hill in the inner-city suburb of Balmoral in Brisbane. The design strategy according to architects Studio AKA was to create clean modern lines mixed with moments of intrigue. Maximising the city views to the west and cleverly dealing with the slope of the site. Secondly, the owner wanted a home that would accommodate their growing adult family and still have space for frequent interstate guests.

To make the most of the incredible views of Brisbane city to the west, the property includes 43 windows and doors. This totals over 300 square meters of double glazed units.

These window and door units have been custom designed and made according to the design and functionality of the property. Most importantly, the owner chose double glazing to deal with heat and glare coming into the western windows on all four levels. In addition, the double glazed windows and doors help to maintain temperature control throughout the large property.

All double glazed units at the property were designed, manufactured and installed by Winsulation Double Glazing. They include innovative frameless corner units on levels 3 and 4 of the home. These corner units are made from a glazing combination of toughened glass with a 20mm air gap and laminate. The primary glass of an offset IGU overlapping a butt jointed IGU. Internal ceramic banding was applied to the frameless corner to provide a uniform edge over the spacer bar and adhesive/rubber sealants.

These frameless oversized double glazed corner units are designed by Winsulation and are unique in the Australian market.

Grace on Main was designed by Studio AKA, an Adelaide-based studio passionate about holistic design practices. It was built by the owner builder. Construction started in mid-2016.