The team at James Davidson Architects were in need of windows that provided noise reduction as well as privacy for a new project situated in busy Stanley Street, Woollongabba. Winsulation’s double glazed windows with internal blinds provided just the answer!

The premises sit right alongside and above the popular restaurant and bar, C ’est Bon and Le Bon Bar in Stanley Street, Woollongabba. The design strategy, according to architect Britt Hill, was a light and bright office structure suspended over a green, inner-city terrace space. The major design consideration however was due to the project’s location and the need to overcome issues of acoustic transference and visual privacy between the restaurant and the office. The increasing energy efficiency was a welcomed bonus, added Britt. Winsulation worked with the architects to custom make all the double glazed windows for the rooftop office to provide the solution to both the acoustic and privacy issues. This installation included a uniquely-designed arched double glazed fixed window and double glazed fixed panels with internal Venetian blinds. The frames selected were Thermeco’s aluminium frames utilising thermal break technology. Thermally broken aluminium utilises a resin situated between the inside and outside of the frame and sash. This creates an insulation buffer. Stanley Street Stanley Street The double glazed fixed window panels which face the rooftop restaurant and bar area are encased with internal Venetian blinds. The architects decided to specify these particular blinds due to their maintenance-free nature. “They offer the clients the ability to have privacy from passers-by but allow about light to penetrate into the office space,” said Britt. Winsulation’s internal blinds are sourced from Pellini Blinds in Italy and then encapsulated within two glass panes, in a double glazed unit. The blind is operated using a manual system, allowing the blinds to function without compromising the insulating properties of the double glazing. The internal nature of the blinds ensure protection against dirt, dust, and weather conditions. The blinds require virtually no maintenance. Stanley Stret We asked whether or not their clients are seeing more interest in double glazing in Queensland, given the thermal and acoustic properties of this type of window system. “As we continue to experience longer, hotter summers, I believe there is an increased awareness about the climate we live in. And therefore for our clients, there is also added concern about more efficiently heating and cooling our homes. “ James Davidson Architects (jda co) is a small studio-based practice that specialises in remote complex projects in Australia and overseas. Based in Cairns and Brisbane, jda has a reputation for innovative, collaborative projects with a strong emphasis on design. Jda doesn’t specialise in any specific type of work but focuses on undertaking projects that present an opportunity to turn problems into enjoyable challenges. Builder: Chris Shephard, Housewood Pty Ltd