Are you considering building a wine cellar in your home? We spoke to Craig Free from Brisbane Wine Cellars to learn a little more about the ins and outs of wine cellar installations. Here’s the lowdown:

Building a wine cellar
Here are two different wine cellars each installed with double glazing to maintain temperatures and stop condensation.

What is the first thing to consider when considering building your own wine cellar?

Position and budget. Would you like a wine cellar or a show piece?

How much space will you need?

Due to the cost of the wine conditioning unit, the bigger the better. Subject to how many bottles you would like to shore as well as bottle orientation. For example, a stackable rack style would be 100 wine bottles per m2 wall space. Wall mount racks in the triple side on orientation will get 18 bottles x 600m2.

Why is thermal protection important for a wine cellar?

You are trying to achieve a constant temperature in your cellar, and this is not possible without adequate insulation. This creates a stable environment for the wine and keeps running costs at a minimum. It also ensures no condensation can occur to the outer skin of the cellar which could lead to moisture and/or structural issues to the building. This is especially relevant here in Queensland with our hot and humid weather.

How does double glazing help with to keep cellar conditions stable?

Glass is one of the worst materials for retaining temperature. However, double glazing gives you the needed insulation properties and will also stop condensation. Double glazing your wine cellar allows for proper insulation with a view to show off your collection and turn the cellar into a visual art piece in the home.

What is the average cost per square meter to build a wine cellar?

Costs vary greatly due to the many ways you can fit a wine cellar out from basic metal racking to solid rosewood joinery. Every cellar is bespoke and unique.

Is it possible for homeowners to consider building a wine cellar on a budget?

We can build a cellar to almost any budget with the correct material selection but there are some costs that CANNOT be cut; insulation and the correct wine conditioning unit are not negotiable. You cannot simply use an air-conditioning unit!

Does a wine cellar add value to your home?

In my opinion it not only adds value to your home, but some homes deserve to have a proper wine cellar to complement their style. Just like a swimming pool or home theatre can add value to your home, so can a quality temperature-controlled cellar.

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