When it comes to energy efficiency in our homes, attention often gravitates towards double-glazing technology — specifically, the glass and the gas between panes. However, the unsung hero in maximising the full benefits of double glazing is the frame itself. Thermally broken aluminium windows and doors are crucial to double-glazing performance, ensuring comprehensive seals and insulation. But what does ‘thermally broken’ mean?

This term refers to the high-performance insulating barrier within the frame that prevents heat transfer, reinforcing the effectiveness of the double glazing. It’s this technology that Winsulation Double Glazing, in partnership with Thermeco, are proud to offer, ensuring that homeowners experience the pinnacle of thermal efficiency and comfort.

Science Behind Thermally Broken Aluminium

Decoding the technology

Thermally broken technology refers to a barrier system within aluminium window and door frames that interrupts temperature transfer. In essence, a non-conductive material is inserted between the inside and outside metal to prevent heat and cold from passing through the frame, making every thermally broken aluminium window and door an energy-saving powerhouse.

Benefits of the technology

By incorporating this system, double-glazed windows not only conserve energy but also provide a substantial reduction in energy costs. The need for excessive heating and cooling is greatly reduced, leading to decreased energy consumption and more manageable electricity bills. Double-glazed windows particularly excel in creating a stable indoor climate, proving to be a wise investment with tangible benefits.

Winsulation takes pride in supplying these advanced aluminium windows and doors, focusing on performance and longevity.

Perks for Homeowners

Design and durability combined

Aluminium doors and window frames crafted with this method are not only durable against the elements, including harsh UV rays and coastal conditions, but are also designed to complement the aesthetic of any home. Winsulation’s range of aluminium windows and doors blends seamlessly with various architectural styles, ensuring that your double-glazed window becomes a statement piece.

Architecturally designed, thermally broken aluminium windows provide thermal efficiency while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home. With reduced noise pollution and increased durability, they stand as a testament to modern engineering and design. By choosing Winsulation’s aluminium windows and doors, you’re investing in a solution that offers lasting benefits while elevating your home’s comfort and value.


In collaboration with Thermeco, Winsulation offers architecturally designed, energy-efficient aluminium windows and doors. Contact our friendly team for a FREE measure and quote by calling 1800 11 28 28, or emailing info@winsulation.com.au.