are double glazed windows worth it WinsulationAre you in the planning stages of renovating or building your home? Have you come upon double glazed windows and found yourself wondering, “are double glazed windows worth it?”

Now obviously, as owners of this company we stand by the effectiveness of our product 100%, but don’t let us convince you of that. Instead, read some reviews below that come directly from satisfied customers. Here, they share their experience of our company and our products. We’ll let you be the judge!

Here’s what our customers have to say:

“The effect on the noise outside is amazing. It is so quiet and peaceful. We are no longer annoyed by the ‘white noise’ outside that has been a background noise for the 10 years that we have lived here in George Street.”

“The windows are so much better and have made such a big difference with dimming the noise of traffic on the freeway… also the rooms feel warmer. The old windows were letting in rain water and cold draughts when we had bad weather.”

“Fortitude Valley can be a noisy place, especially at night. The double glazing does a good job of keeping most of that noise outside.”

“Great and professional installation. Frames look like they were originally installed with the house. Good colour match. The 10cm offset works excellently at blocking both noise and the western setting sun. Price is also very reasonable compared with UPVC frames.”

“Prompt and efficient service from first contact to installation of windows, we will now proceed with further installation of glass door as we were extremely satisfied with previous results from insulation.”

…”It does the job I wanted it for(to make a room sound-proof and airtight) perfectly…”

We hope that these reviews are enough to put your mind at ease when thinking, “are double glazed windows worth it?” But if you need more convincing, why not read some more 5-star reviews here, and visit the Product Review website here to find out what other customers have to say.