SunroomsThere are plenty of options when it comes to a sunroom, but what’s important above all is that it should suit you and your family’s needs. This is key!

Before we go into detail, let’s just take a moment to bust a myth: sunrooms are not green houses. You aren’t going to bake in a large glass oven…trust us. If you’re really concerned about brightness and heat, then opt for your roof to extend out over the glass walls of your sunroom – providing you with shelter from the light and rays while you relax in your special sunny space.

Are you getting the most from your view?

A home with a view can be a bit of an ironic situation sometimes. We go ahead and buy the house with the pretty vista, only to spend half a year convincing ourselves that it’s too windy and wet to get out there and enjoy it! You start with all these fantasies of sipping a nice cold drink in the sunshine as you soak in your surroundings, but how often do you actually find yourself living this daydream?

How we help

Clear Edge retractable glass doors provide your sunroom with walls of seamless glass. Enjoy views uninterrupted by bulky frames – you can even slide your doors with spaces in between to create your own totally see-through ventilation system, while still maintaining shelter from the elements!

Then, for those gloriously still and sunny days, you can slide each wall of glass wide open to invite that fresh air to pass freely through your indoor/outdoor space! What a way to enjoy a sunny day!

View Clear Edge Glass’ ‘On The Lake’ project, which was the result of a client’s dream to enjoy their outdoor area in the winter, while providing a wind shield during the summer. Walls of foldable glass surround this sunroom, while a roof that extends from the house itself shields the client from sun rays overhead. The client can enjoy their gorgeous lake views all year long – even on the rainy, chilliest of days!

Clear Edge Glass Agents Logo*Content from Clear Edge Glass Systems. As Clear Edge Glass Systems are all proudly Australian made, this all comes with a stamp of quality. Their Low-E glass requires no extra cleaning or treatment and there is no risk of it getting chipped or scraped off. Winsulation Double Glazing is a certified agent of Clear Edge Glass.


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