Secondary Double Glazing

Winseal™ Secondary Double Glazing is a method of soundproofing existing windows and doors. The custom design ensures that the retrofitted panels are always fitted exactly, providing a fully insulated pocket between the existing window/door and the secondary one. In most cases a previously one or two star rated window or door will become a six star system upon installation.

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Replacement Windows and Doors

Option 1 – Thermeco

Our thermally broken aluminium window and door frames delivers powerful noise and temperature transmission reductions.

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Option 2 – uPVC Windows

uPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinylchloride) is a polymerised compound molecule designed to withstand numerous types of stress, and has been used in the manufacture of windows and doors for the last fifty years. Sourced from Rehau, an internationally recognised company, our uPVC frames can withstand endless bombardment by wind, rain, UV, salt, and heat, likely outlasting the house it’s installed into.

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Winternal™ Blinds

The ‘Winternal®’ Venetian Blind System is an ingenious double glazed system with encapsulated blinds sourced from Pellini in Italy. Each Winternal® blind system is custom made with a variety of colours and styles to choose from.

The blind is encapsulated within two glass panes, in a double glazed unit. The blind is operated via a magnetised winch, using either a manual or motorised system, allowing the blinds to function without compromising the insulating properties of the double glazing.

The exclusive Winternal® characteristics ensures protection against dirt, dust, and weather conditions, requiring no maintenance. The magnetic components have an almost indefinite life span, having a loss of magnetic attraction of around 2% per 100 years.

The wide product choice and versatility of operation make Winternal® blind systems suitable for all types of framing systems.

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Clear Edge Slide and Stack System

Your completely unsullied view to the world with the doors closed or open plus neat transmission between the internal and external regions of your home. The individual panels are easily foldable and so the cleaning of the outside can be effortlessly done from the inside! With permanent venting while ensuring security from the driving rain, along with usage and extensive testing, the Clear Edge system is the perfect choice for balconies, al fresco areas, or swimming pool enclosures as just a few examples.

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Winsulite Classical uPVC Doors and Panels

A stunning portfolio of high quality composite doors and door panels each manufactured combining traditional skills, modern technology, and design innovation. Classical by name, classic by nature. The Classical collection offers a range of stylish uPVC composite and aluminium front and back door solutions to suit every home and budget. Coupled with our uPVC door collection, these doors incorporate multipoint locking, fully welded perimeters, steel reinforcing, and stunning good looks. The Winsulation Classical range has the answer to all your entrance door requirements.

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Our Installation Process

A timeline of a double glazing installation from start to finish.

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