Double Glazing in Kitchens and Bathrooms

Wednesday 11th May 2016

If you’re thinking about renovating, consider installing double glazing in kitchens and bathrooms – the most important areas of a home! The kitchen has long been called the heart of the home and a substantial amount of time is spent here every day. Modern kitchens have become more than just…

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Thermal Insulation with Double Glazing

Wednesday 4th May 2016

Thermal insulation properties are just one of the many advantages of double glazed windows and doors. Double glazed window and door systems can keep homes up to 40% cooler in summer, 32% warmer in winter, and increase thermal resistance by up to 94%. Most homes are installed with windows consisting of a…

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Winsulation Celebrates 20th Birthday with 20% Off!

Sunday 1st May 2016

For 20 years, Winsulation Double Glazing has helped thousands of families in Brisbane and Southeast Queensland protect their homes against outside noise and hot summer temperatures. To say a huge thank you to our loyal customers, Winsulation celebrates its 20th birthday by offering a massive 20% discount for any double glazing or…

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Benefits of Thermally Broken Aluminium Windows and Doors

Wednesday 20th April 2016

What does thermally broken mean, and what are thermally broken aluminium windows and doors? This all relates back to the frame – an equally important component in any window and door system. The frame can greatly affect the actual energy efficiency of any window and door – including that of…

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Winsulation Sponsors Melissa Downes for Simpson Desert Challenge 2016

Friday 15th April 2016

Winsulation Sponsors Melissa Downes for Youngcare Simpson Desert Challenge 2016 For eight days, 18 bold trekkers will brave the harsh weather and shifting sands of the Simpson Desert in a quest to raise funds for Youngcare Australia. And Nine News’ Melissa Downes is one of them. Winsulation Double Glazing is…

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Dealing with Barking Dogs in Brisbane

Wednesday 13th April 2016

Barking dogs in Brisbane can shatter your neighbourhood peace, interrupt your sleep, and test your sanity! Cranky canines are a common cause of neighbourhood complaints. While barking is normal behaviour for dogs, excessive dog barking becomes a nuisance. Barking dogs is one of the main causes of the dreaded neighbourhood…

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Benefits of uPVC Windows and Doors

Tuesday 5th April 2016

There are many benefits of uPVC windows and doors, including energy efficiency, durability, and low maintenance. uPVC (Unplasticised Polyvinylchloride) is a highly resilient material that is used extensively in the building industry worldwide. While uPVC is currently accounting for just a small percentage of the Australian window market, there is a…

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Climate Change in Australia: “Losing the Battle”

Wednesday 23rd March 2016

Climate change in Australia is becoming a ‘hot topic’, with the recent release of NASA’s climate report. In addition, there was the recent announcement of job cuts at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). More worryingly, Australia’s chief scientist Dr Alan Finkel has warned that Planet Earth is…

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10 Ways to Reduce Energy Costs

Wednesday 16th March 2016

Here’s how you can reduce energy costs both at home or at work. Is the high cost of energy getting you down? By making a few simple changes you can reduce energy costs, save hundreds of dollars every year, and contribute to a more sustainable environment. 1. Switch appliances off at…

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Stop Traffic Noise: Here’s How

Monday 7th March 2016

Are you looking to stop traffic noise from disturbing the peace and quiet in your home? Is traffic noise causing you sleepless nights, stress, exhaustion, and irritation? According to the World Health Organisation, the health impacts of environmental noise are a growing concern. In Western Europe, almost one million healthy life years…

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